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Dina Mia has a fundraising program that makes raising money for your organization an easy process. We offer a full line of products in our fundraising package. Prices are structured so that your organization can make approximately a 50% profit over its cost--in other words--double your money!

Because of the desirability and reputation of our products, fundraising is easy and profitable.

For further information please contact us at 906-265-9082 or toll free at 1-800-411-3205, or email us at

Thank you for inquiring about using our products for your next Fundraiser.

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Thank you for inquiring about using our products for your fund raiser.  Below is a list of our current products, prices and suggested sales prices.  The suggested prices are structured to be at or near store prices so that purchasers will not only be helping your group raise money but will also be paying a fair price.  All pizza products, except the School Pizzas, are twelve inch round in size.  As several people from the area have requested, you may want to consider selling something in addition to pizzas, such as spaghetti sauce or lasagna.

Most Popular Fundraising products:

Dina Mia Kitchen Fundraising Options
Item Size Cost (1) Suggested Price
12” Sausage Pizza 20 oz 3.82 5.75
12” Pepperoni Pizza 19 oz 3.82 5.75
12” Cheese Pizza 16 oz 3.20 4.80
12” Deluxe Pizza (2) 24 oz 4.57 6.85
12” Sausage/Mushroom Pizza 22 oz 4.05 6.10
12” Sausage/Pepperoni Pizza 21.5 oz 4.05 6.10
School Sausage Pizza (3) 32 oz 6.24 9.35
School Pepperoni Pizza (3) 31 oz 6.24 9.35
Lasagna Oven (5) 21 oz 3.77 5.65
Lasagna Microwave (5) 22 oz 4.30 6.45
Spaghetti Sauce w/meat 15 oz 2.05 3.10
Spaghetti Sauce w/meat 30 oz 3.25 4.90
12” Chee-Zee Strip (4) 21 oz 3.34 5.00

(1) Volume discount as follows: 1000-4000 units, $.05 per unit off; 5000+ units, $.10 per unit off.
(2) Seven toppings: Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, onion, green pepper, mushroom and black olive.
(3) 12 x 16 inch sectioned pizza (8 - 4"x 6" sections).
(4) Cheese garlic pizza type snack with pizza sauce in separate enclosed pouch.
(5) Approximately two servings.

All of our products are made in our federally inspected plant here in Iron River, Michigan. We have been here since 1970 and employ 20 area residents. Our products are available at Angeli Foods, Jubilee Foods, Trig’s, Econo Foods, Super One as well as many smaller retailers so that people purchasing are likely familiar with our Dina Mia products.

Because all items are frozen food, it is important to note that members of your group will need to be responsible to distribute the products immediately after delivery by us. If you are interested, please look over the above list, decide which products your group would like to sell, decide on a selling period, choose a delivery date and call or email us with your dates and quantities. We would need a final quantity 1 week before the delivery date.

We look forward to working with your group! If you have any questions please contact us at 906/265-9082 toll free at 800/411-3205 or by email

All sales quantities are required at least one week before delivery, to ensure proper supply. It will be important to have the selling team collect payment at time of sales request. Payment to Dina Mia Kitchens is expected at time of delivery.

We look forward to assisting in your fundraising program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Ask for Susan Fritz at 906.265.9082 or toll free at 800.411.3205. Let us know if you found us on the web.

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