Dina Mia Kitchens Lasagna Products

To get the most value from your purchase, fill the shipping container to it's max: 24 frozen lasagna containers fit.

Dian Mia 5 Layer Lasagna

Lasagna with Meat Sauce

21 oz, oven bake, $7.40 each

Dina Mia brand lasagna starts with the basics—noodles—which, of course, are made from scratch in our own kitchen. From there, we begin to build the lasagna using our own spaghetti sauce, lean ground pork sausage, special grated blend of mixed cheeses and layered with our finest sliced cheese. Five total layers make up our famous, delicious lasagna. Look in the frozen section of your local grocer, or simply click the button below and order a couple dozen.

Up to 24 fit a single shipping container.